Open Call

Financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises in energy-intensive industries with the aim of developing their capacity for more environmentally friendly and digital production.

Are you a Social Economy SME or a startup in the energy intensive industries? Are you trying to achieve your green or digital transition, or to adapt to the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) legislation?  

A grant of up to 8,000 euros is available through the SEE BRIDGE project to implement your plans! 

1 Open Call

Open from 01 July 2024 to 01 Oct 2024 at 17:00 CET 

at least 60 awarded grants

480,000 EUR funding

4,000 – 8,000 EUR per awarded SME 

6-month implementation period


A grant (between 4,000 and 8,000 EUR)

You can receive financial support for different activities to support your transition to greener and more digital operations, and thus also your overall competitiveness and impact. The funded activities can include a combination of business support services, consulting, in-company trainings and attendance of relevant events. 

SEE BRIDGE Coaching & Mentoring Programmeprovided by the SEE BRIDGE partners

You will be given priority access to the free coaching and mentoring services provided within the SEE BRIDGE project to support your operational efficiency and sustainable practices.These services will be running in parallel with the implementation of the activities funded by the SEE BRIDGE Open Call grant.  


You will be able to meet and work with experts, like-minded organizations, social economy actors and intermediaries. 


Social Economy SMEs (including startups) operating in energy intensive industries, such as chemicals, steel & aluminium, paper, plastics, mining, extraction and quarrying, refineries, cement, wood, rubber, non-ferrous metals, glass and ceramics, construction, waste management, etc. 

Eligible applicants must be based in: 

  • EU Member States 
  • Countries which are part of the European Economic Area (EEA): Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein.   
  • EU Associated countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Türkiye.  

For a SME or startup to be considered a Social Economy SME/startup, it has to share the main common principles and features*:   

  • primacy of people as well as social and/or environmental purpose over profit 
  • reinvestment of most of the profits and surpluses to carry out activities in the interest of members/users (“collective interest”) or society at large (“general interest”)  
  • democratic and/ or participatory governance. 


The following activities are eligible to receive funding under the SEE BRIDGE Open Call. You can choose one or more of these activities, within the funding limit (i.e. between 4,000 and 8,000 euro). 
  • Business support services 
  • Consulting services for certification or labelling assets, including Intellectual Property rights 
  • Events attendance on CBAM, digital and green transition topics 
  • In-company training(s) on CBAM, and digital and green transition topics 

If your proposal is successful, you will receive the requested financial contribution in the form of a lump sum to implement the eligible activities that you have selected in your application.   



get information

Read the Guidelines for Applicants



Create an F6S account


Submit your application through the F6S platform



01.07.2024 - 01.10.2024

Apply by 1 October, 17 CET



October-November 2024

Eligibility check, evaluation by external experts, interviews with applicants


December 2024

Signing of Sub-Grant Agreements with selected applicants

Implementation of the funded activities

January – June 2025

Implementation of funded activities

SEE BRIDGE Coaching & Mentoring Programme

January – June 2025

Coaching and mentoring services provided directly by the SEE BRIDGE partners



We are a large enterprise but we are active in the social economy. Are we eligible to receive funding?

No, funding will be provided only to Social Economy SMEs.

We are an NGO/foundation with a strong social purpose and mission. Are we eligible to receive funding?

No, funding can be provided only to Social Economy SMEs.It is not offered to nonprofits, informal youth groups, public institutions and foundations.

We are a small company that is owned by a larger company. Are we an SME eligible to apply?

In case of partner enterprises and linked enterprises, a more complex calculation needs to be made to determine the company’s economic situation and to determine if it is a SME. A compulsory SME definition is provided in the SEE BRIDGE Guidelines for Applicants and we advise to carefully read it, as well as the Commission Regulation No 651/2014, art. 2.18 and the related SME definition Guide.Specifically, the latter Guide will provide ample information on how to ascertain your SME status. Only SMEs complying with the Commission Regulation are eligible for this Open Call. At the contracting stage, an SME Declaration will be signed and submitted by the applicants that are selected for funding.

Proposal and application 

Can I submit several proposals?

In the event of multiple submissions by the same applicant, only the last received submission (according to the timestamp from the F6S platform) will enter the evaluation process.

Can I apply for funding to just some of the activities listed as eligible?

Yes, you can choose which activities you want to include in your proposal based on your needs, strategies, ambitions and the available resources for implementation. However, for the activities you request in your proposal you should request no less than 4,000 euro and no more than 8,000 euro. Also consider that the requested budget for these activities should be reasonable, necessary and justified, and should reflect value for money and current market prices. The budget proposal is subject to evaluation as per the evaluation criteria stated in the Guidelines for Applicants.

Can I submit a proposal by email?

No, proposals should be submitted through the online application form. Proposals submitted by other means will not be evaluated. Please be mindful of the deadline for applications, i.e. 01 October 2024, 17:00 CET. The platform will not accept submissions after that date and hour.

Can I submit a proposal in my native language?

No, proposals should be submitted in English. Proposals submitted in other languages will not be evaluated. Please be mindful of the requirement that your key personnel involved should be comfortable communicating in English, as this is the only language for communication with the SEE BRIDGE consortium and during the SEE BRIDGE Coaching & Mentoring Programme.


Will I have any contractual obligations if I receive funding?

Yes, applicants are advised to consult the model Sub-Grant Agreement that they will sign before receiving the grant.

What is the allowed period of implementation of the funded activities?

The implementation period is strictly limited to 6 months. The funded activities need to be implemented in full (and paid out to any external service providers) within this period.

Are you sharing any information about my proposal or about me as an applicant?

Yes. A summary of the proposals and the applicants will be shared with the European Commission.The SEE BRIDGE project will also publish a list with the beneficiaries of the Open Call including basic information about them and the amount of funding received.


If you have reviewed the above information and the Guidelines for Applicants, but you still need help, we recommend: 

Q&A sessions  

There will be two public online webinars with Q&A sessions where you will be able to ask questions about the SEE BRIDGE project, the Open Call and the process of application. We will provide information about upcoming webinars in this section, so stay tuned. 


Contact our helpdesk in the following email:

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